July 26, 2013

From Two to Three

All sources have informed me that the transition from 2 to 3 children is so much easier than 1 to 2. This makes sense to me; I'm now (kind of) a pro at multi-child tasking and my kids are used to sharing (two main hurdles of having more than 1 kid). Three kids will be just more of the same... Feedings, laundry, baths, carpooling, bedtime. Oh, thank goodness. I totally got this. What a relief! 

However. I'm not sure if this is actually true. At least for me. 
Truthfully, I never found the transition from 1 to 2 to be that difficult. We tried to get pregnant when Wes was 9 months old. Before his first birthday I was mentally preparing for his sibling. They're only 18 months apart, more like twins. When Chan arrived, I changed two diapers at once, nursed or fed two bottles at once. The first few months were not easy, but it went by too fast to notice.

And now, after several years of living with these two, we've found a comfortable groove that might be difficult to shift. These boys are my world—and each other's best friends. They do nearly everything together and/or with us. We are a strong foursome. So I guess it makes sense that I'm really worried about the change in family dynamics when the baby arrives. It's almost frightening... and certainly exciting. There are so many unknowns. Perhaps this is how most moms feel before number 2?

Of course, it might be just completely wonderful and easy.
No matter what, I'm fairly certain Little Bean Number 3 is going to rock our world.

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