February 24, 2013

Boredom and a Box

Winter has been a challenge. Let me rephrase that: Winter has been categorically ROUGH. We've endured snow or rain (or both) every weekend for many weeks, and our family has hardly done well with the confinement. Being indoors isn't all bad, it's just hard to keep everyone entertained. All. Day. Long. So while I fantasize about Spring hikes and patio parties, I try my best to find creative ways to keep boredom at bay.... yesterday resulted in a long-awaited pirate ship! 

A very large boot shipping box was the perfect size for a vessel worthy of their adventures. Ahoy, my little mateys!

We used what we had in the house: colored construction paper, Elmers Glue, cardboard tubing and rope. It was quite the family affair... Wesley helped cut red stripes and apply glue. Andrew cut out their swords and a steering wheel. Chandler didn't really help per se, but rather anxiously fiddled with paper scraps and tested all the design elements, including the rope doorknob. Needless to say, these boys were EXCITED to get inside and play when we were done. Boredom averted, for today at least. 


  1. This is brilliant. My kid is a bit small for this, but I'm pinning it for future craft/playtime time.

  2. Thanks! When my boys were younger (around 1 & 2), I made a little "airplane" out of a similar box which I filled with pillows... a little safer for that age.

  3. :) Oh that is an awesome box transformation!! Very very cool!