July 17, 2013

What-to-do Wednesday: Handmade Boats

This week I'm looking for afternoon projects that aren't too physical, time-consuming or wasteful. It's brutally hot at the moment and after a morning at camp the boys are tired (but bored). We need a craft we can make now and play with later outdoors. Look what I found - Handmade Boats! Perfect.

I discovered this twig boat a couple years ago at Minieco.co.uk, but the boys were too young at the time. These are beautiful and with the right paper for a sail, they would look great on display in the boys' rooms. We only need twigs, string, a lollipop stick and paper! 

Over at Short Stuff I found more great ideas. Today our recycling bin is full, so we'll go through it for a version made from an OJ carton (but I'll use the popsicle stick from above for more stability on the sail). So excited! 

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