August 5, 2013

House Rules: Part 2, The Bunk Bed

The boys have bunk beds! After sleeping separately since birth (aside from a failed two-week trial), it was time to get these two in one room. For over a year, they have waited patiently, knowing their beds would eventually convert to bunks (we wanted to wait until Wesley turned 5). With some apprehension—and a lot of family discussions—we decided to just do it. It made sense for them to adjust to this setup now, rather than when there's a newborn in our midst.

We wrote the Bunk Bed Rules (see below) before their first night sleeping together. It was impressive and reassuring to hear how many rules the boys came up with. Apparently they were a little nervous about the arrangement too, and the rules helped them feel more at ease. I designed a poster and taped it in clear view from both the top and bottom bunk. Since Chandler cannot read, we say the rules aloud together every night before bed. If they stick to the rules for a week they get a prize. Two nights down and so far only one rule has been broken (the last rule - Chan is SO noisy when he wakes up).

Sharing a room has had a visible effect on them already: they are in really good spirits, have a better sense of each other's space and are so excited for bedtime! Seeing this from a mother's perspective just melts my heart and makes me remember how comforted and happy I was sharing a room with my younger sister. For most of my childhood we would talk, giggle and joke until falling asleep. She and I have always been at ease with each other and have a special bond today—sometimes we joke that we have the same brain. I wonder how much of that is due to sharing a room?

I'd love to hear other room sharing and bunk bed stories... What ages did you do it? Did you have rules? Have your children continued to like their bunk beds as they get older? How old is too old for a bunk?

If you'd like a printable version of this Bunk Bed Rules Poster for your kiddos, just let me know.

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