February 17, 2013

Living with Children and a Dog

Dear Penny,

As of today, you haven't been walked in two weeks—because of the snow, yes, but also because we haven't taken the time between shoveling, doing laundry, making meals and caring for the kids. Also, last month we forgot your birthday. For the second year in a row. (I'm so sorry!) It's not because we don't love you, but because we have human children who need the majority of our attention. 

I want you to know that while I feed the boys breakfast every morning, I watch you through the window, roaming our backyard on your own. I imagine (and hope) you are hunting squirrels and rabbits, sniffing their tracks and having fun. You always return to our door with so much enthusiasm and anticipation (perhaps you expect strokes and treats), but it fades quickly when you realize I'm too busy for you. You may not know it, but I see those big brown eyes turn weary—and it breaks my heart.

You deserve to be treated like the sweet and loyal soul that you are…. perhaps I should hire a walker and groomer, or buy you a trendy collar and personalized food bowls. But something tells me you don't really care about that stuff. Deep down I know what you need. But I just can't give it to you right now.

Some day soon you will get the right kind of attention. For now, the boys will continue to jump on your back and pull your tail (despite my attempts to stop them). Chan will pull your beard from time to time when I'm not looking (ouch). And I know that Wes hugs you with his full body weight and it takes your doggie breath away (I see your desperate eyes glancing at me helplessly, and once again I'm sorry). 

My goodness Penny, you tolerate this family so well! Maybe it's because you know how much we love you. Or how much I look forward to those 10 minutes at bedtime when you snuggle up to me and help me fall asleep. When we first adopted you, Wesley asked if "we will keep Penny forever and ever" and I said YES. Because even though we can't be the best dog owners right now, I hope you know we are committed to loving you for a very long time.  

Your Family xoxo


  1. What a sweet letter to what looks like a really lovely dog. And your little guys are so cute, too!

    1. Thanks Julie. They are a cute bunch, for certain.