March 4, 2013

In Love With... Broyhill Brasilia

There is something so charming, so incredibly handsome about Broyhill Brasilia... the smooth arches and clean lines... the real wood... the history. I fell in love with this sturdy line of furniture a few years ago, while discovering that certain pieces of midcentury furniture don't really stand the test of time. Oh sure, they look pretty for the most part, but when your child wants to jump on a coffee table circa 1962, you start to second-guess the inherent strength of those slim, tapered wooden legs (live and learn). 

This Spring we are adding built-in bench seating to our dining room bay windows. With this new seating arrangement we needed to find a "perfect" table to fit the space. I do not use perfect lightly. The list of criteria was not short:  
  • It must be a circle, but also have leaves to extend to an oval. 
  • It must have a pedestal base, since straight legs would restrict seating. 
  • It must fit the space, which will have the bench on one side and chairs on the other. 
  • It must be real wood (no more laminate or MDF for this IKEA family). 
  • Lastly, please be something vintage, preferably midcentury.

Of course I knew the table I wanted. The Broyhill Brasilia round dining table. But it was nowhere. And when I thought I found it, it was out of our price range, sold or a fake. But after a two month search, one showed up on Craigslist last week that was available. And wouldn't you know that the cool cat sellers delivered it all the way from Providence, RI that very day. The world is a good place.

Here is our new table with one leaf inserted. Handsome, right? 

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