April 11, 2013

Just another day as a graphic designer.

So much for blogging on Mondays. I have been slammed with work for several weeks, and all spare time has gone out the window. While the boys are at school, I'm in the studio designing {this magazine}—and then I'm back up there again after their bedtime. It's stressful and exhausting at this point, since all of the fun and creative art direction took place months ago. Now it's all edits, formatting, converting images, etc. Just another day as a graphic designer. I'm happy to have work. But I'm pooped.

Today I managed to squeeze in a 2-hour afternoon play date with a good friend and her boys. It was very nice to chat over a cup of tea, and think about something other than InDesign files. Also, it proved to be a healthy reminder to shower. Seriously, I need to shower. Right now, in my post-dinner haze I am thinking about showering. The kids are fed... they will be bathed shortly... the magazine is looking good... and therefore I can take 15 minutes to shower. Maybe even moisturize. Let's do this. (And then back to work.)

This poster hangs in my studio :: "Another Day Another Dropshadow" by Amerikan Made

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