April 1, 2013

House Rules: Part 1, Mutiny

It's official. My sweet, precious children have finally turned on me. They have stopped listening, behaving, obeying, following the rules (even accepting bribes). Perhaps they are stir crazy after five months indoors. Either way, they've given up. And I can't blame them... It's difficult to be good all the time, to follow the rules. 

We've been through this phase of mutiny before, a couple times in fact. In the past, I've consulted mommy friends, countless parenting books, and even asked my parents for advice. But this time I'm wiser. It's not the kids. It's me. I've become a lazy parent. This is why: The rules that my children have to follow are the same rules that I need to followand enforce. This requires dedication and steadfast labor. It's EXHAUSTING.

I find all other aspects of parenting to be a breeze, compared to providing discipline. Here I am, this supposedly free-spirited, creative person—and out of my mouth comes this booming voice saying "Don't hit your brother!" "No playing on the stairs!" "Don't jump on the sofa!" "Use your inside voice!" Seriously??

This wasn't what I envisioned for myself as an earth mama. It's not calm, cool or laid back. But the reality is that I'm a mom and my children need to be well-behaved so they feel in control of themselves and understand what is acceptable at home and in the outside world. I love my children so much that I must discipline them so they can function well now and into adulthood.

So to help my little family, I'm going to get energized about this in a way that excites me: and create a House Rules sign. I've found some inspiration, now I just need to come up with the rules! (That'll be Part 2)

:: meal time rules via The Contemporary Home
:: rules for brooke berryman via More Than Words
:: various signs by order of the mgmt via John W. Golden

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