January 20, 2013

In Love With... Magnets

Our old refrigerator provided us with all the magnetic surface area our family required. It was covered in art, postcards, photos and notes — held up by an array of magnets we had acquired over the years. The boys would happily kneel in front of it, arranging safari animals and the alphabet. Our new stainless steel fridge left our magnets homeless, so I converted an area in the kitchen into a magnet wall using 2' x 4' aluminum sheeting. I trimmed the sheet to fit the space and am so happy with this new little piece of organization heaven. The best part is that our magnets seem to have superpowers: the metal is much stronger than any fridge.

This week's project: homemade valentine's magnets with the kids. Such a great gift idea, if I can bear to part with them. Who can resist a magnetic heart?

:: clothespin magnets via Pretty French Things
:: valentine's magnets via Everyday Fun
:: chore magnets via More Than a Memory

Moody, textural typography gets me every time. And this type is magnetic too. UK designer Dominic Le-Hair's magnet and iron filings type poster has hit my designer sweet spot this week. Complex and heavy while feeling airy and light — how does he do that? I don't have the guts to work with metal shavings, but I would love to recreate this feeling with type somehow. (Or at least get my hands on a printed poster of his work.)

:: via Dominic Le-Hair

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